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Prevail Adjustable Underwear

Protective Underwear

Protective underwear makes it easy and discreet to deal with incontinence. Order high-quality products, in bulk quantities, with one simple, flat-rate shipping fee.

Prevail Adjustable Underwear


Prevail Adjustable Underwear


Prevaill® Adjustable Underwear features the same performance as the Prevail® Super Plus Underwear, plus MORE! With Easy to Grip Stretchable Reattaching Tabs, and easily opened side seams, the Prevail® Adjustable Underwear is ideal for on the go or in-bed use. The wearer can pull the Prevail® Adjustable Underwear up and down like regular underwear, or the wearer can open the side seams, place the underwear through the legs (without removing clothing or shoes), and reattaching sides with the Stretchable Tabs.

S / M - 72 / case

L - 64 / case

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